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How to safely re-open schools

June 30, 2020


Webinar Information : July 28th at 1pm EST

Schools around the world are struggling during this “re-opening” phase to find the perfect balance between protecting the health of students and staff while providing a quality campus experience.

The Challenge:  Taking the temperature of every individual entering the building is tedious and expensive.  This problem is compounded by the number of students, the number of points of ingress and egress at your facility, and students who may not be overly aware of proper protocols.

The Solution: Wireless Guardian and Flying Cloud Technology have paired up to create the only holistic Passive Temperature Verification System using cameras and kiosks to safely and efficiently resume daily operations that is transparent to staff members and patrons.

Please join Wireless Guardian CEO Jason Dumas and Flying Cloud CEO Brian Christian as they discuss:

  • How you can passively monitor the temperature of everyone, instantly
  • Deployment scenarios (facilities, busses, etc.)
  • How to turn the temperature data into true awareness
  •  Liability Mitigation
  • Movement of People with Elevated Temperatures
  • Statistics and Historical Data
  • Get Financing to use your CARES Act funding



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