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Now integrates with Aruba ClearPass


Why do you need Flying Cloud OpticPoint?


OpticPoint was designed to take the data from any hardware or security platform and perform actionable artificial intelligence against this data.   OpticPoint helps customers perform the three most important features when it comes to data management.

1.     Data / Asset collection

2.     Data / Asset tracking

3.     Deep reporting on data / Asset moving


OpticPoint is not yet another network security solution.  We are looking at correlating events across data and asset movement.


How does OpticPoint work?


OpticPoint works by taking in the data from your physical hardware vendors.  These vendors can include:

  •  Badge and access systems
  • Camera systems
    •  Facial recognition
    • Body temperature
  • Wireless devices
  • Mobile device ID


How can OpticPoint help my organization?


Only OpticPoint can provide complete user, data, and asset tracking.  For example, we can show you when a user enters the facility, what his current body temperature is, who the user has interacted with, and when the user departed the facility.  This tracking provides a unique view to protect your organization and your most critical asset, your people.