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Atlanta chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is hosting Brian Christian, Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023

There’s only one way to implement Zero Trust for data.

It’s called data surveillance.

When traditional security measures focus on network access, devices, and users, only data surveillance ensures that the right data gets to the right users and devices on the right network segments.

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The Business Impact Adds Up

Organizations using FlyingCloud data surveillance are improving data protection, reducing costs, and saving time—lots of time.

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Protecting Data in Real Time

Customers across industries are identifying and preventing data exfiltration, ransomware attack, high-risk data posture, and non-compliance.

Reducing Costs

Avoid costs associated with ransom-ware attacks, breaches, and penalties. Gain significant savings by reducing infrastructure complexity and high costs of data encryption.

Saving Time

Companies are slashing data compliance tracking and reporting from days or weeks to minutes. At the same time, SOC teams can respond immediately—with context— to suspicious data activity.