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Trade Secrets and IP at Risk. Not Any More.

Regulatory compliance is a fact of life for most businesses with regulations differing depending on industry, geography, and other factors. In 2018, China created the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), which has resulted in complex new requirements for protecting intellectual property (IP). SAMR affects any company operating as a foreign invested enterprise (FIE) in the country, increasing their risk of investigation for IP “infringement.” Under the law, infringement can even include flows of data shared between FIEs and Chinese supply chain partners in the normal course of business. FIEs that lack data awareness run the real risk of infringement investigation and seizure of their IP.

An American electronics company acquired a firm with production facilities in Shanghai, making their IP subject to SAMR regulations. Learn how Flying Cloud and the company worked together to create stringent network boundaries and track data everywhere it goes using CrowsNest. Not only did the company meet the immediate compliance challenge, the solution allows the American company to extend data accountability everywhere across its global operations. If your company has operations in China subject to SAMR, don’t wait to protect your hard-won IP from possible seizure and loss.

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