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Apply and Enforce Governance Policies

The goal of data governance is ensuring that the data needed to run the business is available, usable, and has integrity. That’s becoming increasingly difficult when data is being created and replicated at multi-zettabyte scale. Data surveillance enables you to see, monitor, and defend any data, anywhere in your organization to achieve governance goals.

Data Discovery

Identify and fingerprint data at rest and moving throughout your networks, without touching files. You’ll know data types, origin, sensitivity, purpose, content, data structures, and relationships at the binary level, so that you can establish a rolling baseline of normal data patterns. See where data goes, who uses it, how it’s consumed, and how it changes. CrowsNest also identifies new data entering your network and alerts you so that it can be brought under management.

Data Residency

Ensure data remains within country or regulatory jurisdiction. CrowsNest data surveillance can geo-fence data boundaries to ensure that data remains within DMZs or other boundaries and alerts you to any data movement or access that violates policy.

Data Classification

Traditional data classification systems need answers to several key questions before they can begin to work. For example, what are the data types? What needs to be classified? Where is sensitive data located? And who has access to it? CrowsNest tells you all of this—and adds critical data provenance, content, usage, and movement visibility. All automatically. There’s no need for manually inputting documents or data and no need to educate users where to put things. Baseline and document your data assets and normal movement. Data is continuously monitored in real time and any “out of band” activity is alerted for investigation. Classify your data for the first time or augment an existing data classification solution to extend classification to any data type.


& Data Classification

CrowsNest provides a data discovery foundation for data classification & governance


Separate, defend, and document data separation for compliance. Surveil data everywhere—across compliance siloes, network segments, and infrastructure. CrowsNest provides a data chain of custody to document compliance and prove security control effectiveness.


Once you have classified your data, apply data-level policy to standardize management and risk assessment. Continuous, automatic data surveillance monitors data behavior and usage to measure security effectiveness over time.

Data Provenance

CrowsNest delivers granular visibility into data origin and usage. It can tell you where data originated, who accessed it, and who copied and pasted it into other documents. It can show you the origin of different sections of data in a document, who sent files, and who received them. It can tell you if data is original or synthetic. This is critical with data being considered for training large language models (LLMs) for AI uses to improve outcomes and predictability.