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Extend Data Visibility and Protection to Archived Data

Data backup and storage are mission-critical assets that demand the same kind of data visibility and security as all other enterprise data. That goes for any and all data types being stored: application, collaboration, mobile, text, machine, IoT, credentials/keys, user-created, structured, unstructured, AI data lakes, workloads, and business platform data. You need to know what you actually have, if it’s necessary, if it’s secure, and that the data being retained is what you think it is or intend.

Identifying Dark Data

Dark data lives everywhere throughout an organization, but if you can’t account for it, that data creates a security risk. CrowsNest identifies and fingerprints all data, of any kind, across your environment. Find previously unknown data and bring it under control. Classify it and set data handling policies for it. Determine whether the data is essential or can be destroyed to reduce costs. Ensure that it’s backed up correctly and that users are adhering to limited access policies. CrowsNest can automatically find and classify dark data or complement an existing data backup and storage solution.

Threat Detection & Response

Access control is just one measure for securing backup and storage data. It’s not enough. Data entering and leaving storage is just as vulnerable to the full range of cyber attack techniques as other enterprise data. CrowsNest continually monitors data as it’s stored or on the move, using your organization’s unique rolling baseline to identify anomalies. It identifies and isolates threats like ransomware, botnets, malware, Bitcoin, back doors and command-and-control software in real time and can deliver session analysis or IOCs to your SIEM for further remediation. Use CrowsNest to create a ledger of all data for a clean data repository. Alert teams to data modifications or behavior anomalies and quarantine suspicious data for review. When needed, rely on CrowsNest for offensive restoration—writing over compromised files with known good files prior to restoration.

Data Health Monitoring

Monitor data health starting with CrowsNest data fingerprinting to identify all data and create a known, clean data chain of custody prior to backup. CrowsNest enables you to ensure that data being backed up or used for restoration is actually what you think it is and that it’s not compromised. Use CrowsNest to compare new data to stored data and identify any modifications, as well as enforce data encryption for critical data feeds such as management transport, replication transport, and backup transport.