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Get the article on our blog: What you need to know about your data before you launch your AI project.

We could just say “let us give you a demo.” But data surveillance helps organizations with everything from enabling true data zero trust initiatives to assessing existing infrastructure, maintaining data separation, and performing due diligence. We’d rather first hear about your most pressing data issues.

Do you need visibility into actual data behavior and usage? Maybe you need earlier insight into data behavior anomalies for cyber threat hunting or to improve response and remediation. Do you need to verify data’s presence—or absence—across complex infrastructure? Perhaps you need to automate data classification to reduce human error when handling sensitive data. These are just a few examples of what customers are doing with us.

Let’s meet so we can understand your objective. From here we can show you how Flying Cloud CrowsNest can help you achieve it.

Request a meeting. Let’s talk.