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Data Surveillance: Real-Time Data Accountability

Flying Cloud CrowsNest patented data surveillance enables you to view data as it’s created, moves, and is used. In real time, you can see any data analytically, forensically, and consistently. Control where it goes. Ensure that business pro- cesses and security controls are trustworthy. And integrate data surveillance visibility with existing applications, policies, and controls.

Know What You Have

Simply scanning known repositories won’t find all your data. CrowsNest fingerprints data wherever it is—databases, storage, apps, desktops, clouds, or device streams. Working at the binary level, CrowsNest knows the data structure, content, origination, purpose, movement, and relationship to other data and users without modifying files in any way.

Identify, categorize, classify, and profile content

Map data origination, destinations, and pipelines

Understand data access, sharing, and normal usage

Identify changes to data and know how it changed

Monitor Where It Is and What It’s Doing

Our patented rolling baseline technology establishes a standard of what’s normal for your data. Scans of data repositories won’t tell you how data is behaving. We will. Patented machine learning and automation continuously analyze incoming data, data in motion, and data leaving the environment to update your unique rolling baseline.

Ensure data is moving between applications, systems, and users as expected

See patterns and events in real time, over time, or historically

Preemptively Defend Your Data

Data security controls can only see and act on what’s fed to them. CrowsNest identifies data behavior anomalies and threats in real time. It reconstructs events, extracts payloads, provides play-by-play analysis, and distills event data into a PCAP for proactive response and remediation.

Detect ransomware, botnet, malware, Bitcoin, back door, and command-and-control data behavior

Deliver PCAPs directly to SIEM or SOAR systems

Automatically trigger other existing security controls to take action

Quantify risk and finetune existing security policies