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Improve Data Defense and Response

Cybersecurity controls are intended to ultimately protect data. However, traditional solutions are designed to protect devices, networks, and applications—not defend the data itself at the binary level. Data surveillance delivers real-time deep visibility into data and content wherever it is on enterprise networks. Use it to strengthen existing security controls, validate that they’re receiving the data they need, and that controls are working as you expect.

Zero Trust

CrowsNest plugs directly into any zero trust architecture, closing gaps between multiple data siloes using different NAC and DLP solutions. Ensure that the right data goes to the right users and devices on the right network segments based on any criteria—content, sensitivity, or business need. Establish policies for data or content usage and movement, in addition to access and authentication policy. Only CrowsNest can surveil data everywhere it goes across compliance siloes, network segments, and cloud, premises, and hybrid infrastructures. And only CrowsNest can provide a data chain of custody to support privacy and compliance requirements.


CrowsNest augments or replaces network DLP solutions


DLP solutions have been notoriously challenging to implement and manage. CrowsNest data surveillance provides a much more flexible solution to preventing data leaks anywhere in your infrastructure. Replace an aging DLP solution and significantly reduce costs, or use CrowsNest data surveillance to ensure that the DLP is working as expected. Import existing regex into CrowsNest. Apply policy to unstructured data. Recognize when new data on the network should be protected and ensure that it is.

You also can “data fence” content, restricting its movement within the organization—as well as leaving it—with granular specificity based on content. This means you can create policy for data that restricts which content can go where, not only by IP address or device but down to physical spaces within buildings if needed.

Threat Prevention/Preemption

Ransomware and other campaigns based on persistence begin long before actual encryption and ransom demands. Small changes to data and traffic patterns occur for weeks or months ahead of time, often undetected by other security solutions. CrowsNest detects anomalies in your unique rolling data baseline and user behavior in real time and alert your teams without false positives. They can take the steps needed to stop threats from gaining persistence, eject an attacker, and shore up defenses before a major attack can materialize. Data surveillance enables proactive posture management and preemptive action to stop attacks before they can start.

Defense Enhancement

CrowsNest data surveillance fingerprints, monitors and defends data anywhere in the network in real time. It enhances the effectiveness of other security controls that only see specific types of data or portions of a network and lost the ability to defend data outside of those parameters. CrowsNest automatically identifies anomalous data behavior or usage as it occurs, anywhere in the infrastructure. Enhance capabilities of existing firewalls, NACs, incident response and other systems or trigger automatic response to threats. CrowsNest is indispensable for improving data security for any, and all data.

Incident Response

Augment existing incident response and remediation tools with real-time vigilance and event context. In addition to fingerprinting and monitoring data everywhere in real time, CrowsNest data surveillance helps improve SIEM/SOAR response and remediation. With CrowsNest there are no false positives. Instead of using “fixed” pattern matches, CrowsNest flags only the events that don’t fit into your company’s normal baseline. It can isolate threats like ransomware, botnets, malware, Bitcoin, back doors and command-and-control software in real time. It reconstructs anomalous events, extracts data packet payloads, and provides play-by-play analysis. This is delivered to your existing response and remediation frameworks in a PCAP—a packet capture file—that’s easily ingested by your SIEM or XDR solution.


& Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Expand data awareness and accountability beyond simply threat detection