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Real-Time Data Protection

  • Stop data exfiltration in real time
  • Immediately detect and alert suspicious data patterns and activities
  • Identify ransomware attacks in real time
  • Separate, defend, and document data separation for SAMR compliance
  • Eliminate false positives
  • Identify pre-ransomware data patterns so they can be shut down and open doors closed to prevent an attack
  • Document data chain of custody for compliance reporting
  • Improve security assessment scores for cyber insurance

Reduce Costs

  • Avoid ransomware payments
  • Avoid or reduce penalties associated with non-compliance
  • Reduce cyber insurance premiums
  • Reduce costs associated with data encryption and DLP false positives
  • Reduce costs associated with infrastructure complexity to secure data across premises, cloud, Wi-Fi, IoT, OT, CRM, and social platforms and networks
  • Companies with mature zero trust data policies save $1.76 million per breach (Cost of a Data Breach, 2021, IBM)

Save Time

  • Document data posture in seconds or minutes
  • Reduce time spent tracking compliance across multiple locations/jurisdictions/regulatory frameworks from hours or days to minutes
  • Accelerate accurate response and remediation with instant data anomaly detection and alerting
  • Eliminate the need to sift through continuous updates, vulnerability reports, and logs