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If a bad actor has seized your company’s data, you’ll likely know which system, device, or user was compromised. But only with data surveillance will you know exactly which data was taken, from where, and by whom.

Data surveillance enables you to see your data as it’s created, moves, and is consumed across your network. That means any data—structured and unstructured. Data surveillance gives you the ability to look at your data analytically and forensically, as well as control where it goes. We deliver a data chain of custody, so you’ll know exactly who creates it, who consumes it, and everywhere it goes.

Data surveillance also defends your data. It automatically detects data behaviors characteristic of ransomware, botnets, malware, Bitcoin, back doors, and command-and-control software. It can stop suspicious activity or alert and trigger action by other security solutions.

Preempt bad actors. Don’t let them carpe your datum. Book a meeting and we’ll show you exactly why data surveillance is the only way to secure binary data itself—not just the systems surrounding it.