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Flying Cloud Implements DSPM Across OCI and Azure Multicloud Architecture

May 1, 2024

POLSON, MT May 1, 2024 — Flying Cloud announced today that it has extended its flagship CrowsNest data surveillance platform in OCI to interconnect with customers’ Azure-based enterprise data. Thanks to Oracle and Microsoft’s partnership, data and applications running in Azure can be secured, tracked, and analyzed by CrowsNest in OCI to support DSPM initiatives.

The OCI-Azure multicloud architecture enables customers to link their Azure and OCI environments via a private low-latency, high-throughput interconnection. Azure customers can procure, deploy, and use Oracle database and other application services running on OCI with a native Azure portal and APIs. Customers of both companies can run applications in both environments with seamless interoperability.

Flying Cloud CrowsNest for DSPM is currently deployed for two customers. With enterprise data in Azure and CrowsNest in OCI, both companies can securely view data for making security policy and data posture management decisions. CrowsNest provides data analysis, tracking, policy enforcement, and actionable data tailored to desired policies. The Azure-OCI multicloud capabilities give customers incredible flexibility without compromising performance or security.

“We expect many other customers to recognize the value of CrowsNest in OCI,” said Brian Christian, CEO and Founder of Flying Cloud. “The ability to interconnect with enterprise data stores in Azure and deliver DSPM solutions at scale meets a critical need for organizations seeking to simplify data posture management across multiple clouds.”

CrowsNest data surveillance delivers packet-level data accountability to support enterprise data strategies for data governance, cybersecurity, backup and storage, risk assessment, and AI initiatives. For more information, visit