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Flying Cloud Joins Oracle Partner Network, Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for DSPM Deployments

April 8, 2024

POLSON, MT April 8, 2024 — Flying Cloud announced that it has joined the Oracle Partner Network and now offers Flying Cloud CrowsNest data surveillance on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for customers’ DSPM deployments.

Organizations already running solutions in Oracle Cloud can easily turn on CrowsNest data surveillance capabilities and gain complete, real-time visibility into application and network traffic for any DSPM initiative. Organizations looking for comprehensive DSPM capabilities in the cloud can take advantage of CrowsNest inside OCI’s powerful public cloud platform with unmatched performance, security, and flexibility.

OCI is the first public cloud engineered from the ground up to eliminate challenges that enterprise customers commonly experience with other public clouds. OCI revolutionizes workload migration, delivers unmatched reliability and performance, and offers an extensive range of autonomous services to automatically secure, tune, and scale applications. The cloud is built with a zero-trust approach and comprehensive security stack, embedding security into application migrations or new builds and including it free with the customer’s cloud environment.

“Our partnership with Oracle and OCI offers Flying Cloud customers a secure, end-to-end environment for implementing any DSPM solution,” said Brian Christian, CEO and Founder of Flying Cloud. “We provide a secure proxy for enterprise data, enabling customers to automatically decrypt and inspect all payloads. CrowsNest then provides data analysis, tracking, policy enforcement, and actionable data tailored to the customer’s desired policies.”

CrowsNest data surveillance delivers packet-level data accountability to support enterprise data strategies. CrowsNest governance solutions make it easy to discover and classify data, enforce data residency, manage and report on data for compliance and operations requirements, and assess data provenance for AI projects. CrowsNest is invaluable to cyber initiatives such as applying policy to data (in addition to users and devices), replacing aging DLP solutions, enhancing threat prevention, and accelerating incident response with zero false positives. For backup and storage environments, CrowsNest identifies dark data, detects and responds to threats, and monitors data health. Risk assessors use CrowsNest for investigating security control effectiveness, cyber insurability readiness, and for merger and acquisition due diligence. And only CrowsNest gives organizations comprehensive real-time insight into specific data files, streams, and packets for building data standards for AI, ascertaining data provenance, and identifying synthetic data.

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