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Flying Cloud Technology Announces the Next Generation of IP Protection

October 22, 2019

Flying Cloud Technology Announces the Next Generation of IP Protection 

POLSON, Montana, October 22, 2019 – Today Flying Cloud Technology announces its Intellectual Protection (IP) product CrowsNest, the only security product that plugs into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data stores natively to protect Corporate and Client IP assets.  

“We’ve seen a lot of products focused on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) which are great for massive amounts of regulated data like credit card numbers and other data that is pattern based.   Unfortunately, there is a limit to their reactive rulesets.  Rulesets for unstructured Intellectual Property (IP) cannot be written or maintained due to their dynamic attributes. This is why CrowsNest from Flying Cloud augments traditional DLP solutions when your security staff is trying to protect your most sensitive data. CrowsNest utilizes the industries only patented non-intrusive rolling baseline and binary fingerprinting technology” said Brian Christian, CEO of Flying Cloud Technology. 

CrowsNest Patented Data Surveillance technology is currently implemented in multiple top tier semi-conductor manufacturers globally, protecting their most valuable internal and trusted customer data.  

CrowsNest implements best of breed technologies in a unique hybrid approach by incorporating data forensics and UEBA combined with its patented AI methodology. This gives customers high-fidelity visibility into both data at rest and data in motion.  This provides complete actionable intelligence into all activities by both the creators and consumers of the critical data. 

Flying Cloud Technology will be debuting its solution in an upcoming SEMI industry association webinar on October 30, 2019. Attendees can register on the Flying Cloud website at 


About Flying Cloud: 

Flying Cloud Technology provides innovative data defense solutions that enable enterprises to protect IP, PII, and other essential or sensitive data. The company’s CrowsNest platform uses advanced machine learning and big-data exfiltration to continuously refine security policy and transform security effectiveness. Flying Cloud was founded in 2014. It is privately funded with offices in Santa Cruz, CA; Polson, MT; and Atlanta, GA.