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Just the Ticket for Hospitality Data

Customers’ personal information comprises a significant portion of a hospitality company’s data. So when cyber threats attack hospitality companies, they specifically target customer data. In addition to lodging and restaurant chains, “hospitality” also encompasses property management companies, military bases, alternative lodging companies, casinos, resorts, airlines, cruise ships, airports—even the payment processors serving these companies. Although vacationers, business travelers, and visitors are free to roam anywhere, their data shouldn’t.

In an industry already hurt by the pandemic and strong competition, protecting data means securing more than just the infrastructure that stores and carries it. Organizations need to gain visibility into exactly the data they have, how it’s accessed, who uses it, where it goes, and how it’s used. One major industry player is implementing a Zero Trust approach to protecting its data and chose Flying Cloud CrowsNest to do it. The lessons they’ve learned about knowing, monitoring, and defending their data at the binary level is paying off enormously in establishing data accountability, exceeding compliance requirements, and simplifying operations.

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